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[MUSIC REVIEW] Confusion Review After a Year Release.

Confusion Artwork.

Confusion song by Mosidon is officially one year since its release back in 2020 and marking its year old success, this post has been created and is divided in two parts this part has to do with fans reaction as the sensation “CONFUSION” is still a hit and still topping Playlist from new playlist to old ones.

Confusion has appeared on lots of playlist of recent from ours to numerous other playlist and countdown. Confusion has had airtime on various radio and Tv stations around the world from Meli’s Playground a Chicago recognized radio to sound city to Frosh FM and various countless other. Mosidon has planned to drop his EP sometime around this month not giving any specific date. Fans of the superstar sensation Mosidon has a lot of thoughts on his hit “CONFUSION” and wished to air them out so we picked a handful and decided to give them audience as that is what we stand for been the voice of the people. The following were submitted through various means including Emails, Insta Message, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram still some were shared personally.


“Mosidon’s Confusion is a vibe that you cannot just get enough of ounce you are hooked you are hooked”-Fan of Mosidon

“Mosidon is doing a really nice work and the confusion is a testament to that because that song is a one hit wonder which can only be achieved by hardwork”-Fan of Mosidon

“The problem is not releasing a song oh, the issue is sustaining listeners and fans after a song is released nowadays songs that are not done properly gets disposed”-Fan of Mosidon

“Confusion will be a throwback song someday and artiste upcoming will look at it as a template to work with”-Fan of Mosidon

“Not been a fan of Nigerian music, I was really blown after listening to Confusion. I never intended to like it but Spotify recommended it and as such I played and got hooked playing it everywhere I went at Rio de jenro in Brazil-Fan of Mosidon

“I just want to thank you @Mosidon from releasing us from wacky songs I just felt like hating the whole industry but I listened to confusion LOL I got confused and just picked up the whole industry and since then is a nice addition to my personal playlist-Fan of Mosidon

These are just the handful of fans reaction putting the whole reactions will just consume the entire web space and as such we wish to still keep giving you gist so we just selected the few we can get to these is enough reason we wish to get you to listen to this hot vibe. When a nice thing is seen or heard it is actually nice to share it to others so we enjoy it together and as such wish to give you a sample of the viral sensation as termed by TikTok: “Viral sensation from Mosidon Afro pop affection addicted artiste”.

Listen To Confusion Here:

Stream Confusion On Other DSP HERE.

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