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The force concert is proudly sponsored by Kashmoney The Force and in this article I’ll be talking about things you need to know THE FORCE CONCERT and how this concert is unlike any other concert held in Port Harcourt.

The Force concert will be held somewhere in Port Harcourt by December 10th, a place with large auditorium this is essential because of the massive number of FORCE FANS Kashmoney the force has acquired. A-list artiste all over Nigeria from Port Harcourt to Lagos artiste like 1Dabaton, Kashmoney the force and others who will all be bringing in their unique style to spice up the event. Probably you might be thinking how that is unique as other concerts held bring participants too but here is the twist.

Kashmoney the force while working with popular brands and show managers to make it a success Kashmoney the force however will also be working with not so popular brands and even the brands never heard of will all have a contribution in order to shut down the city.

THE FORCE CONCERT will be very much lively as Kashy’s music with lots of other a list artiste will provide an environment with energetic dancing, MONEY SPRAYING, and fun in general. Vendors willing or interested in this event can purchase a vendor space by calling the number on the above  flyer to make enquiries and reserve a vendor space for themselves.

Finally if by December 10th you have no serious thing holding you back, my advice to you is to come and see how the FORCE NATION parties.

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