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Continual-G Officially Launches in Nigeria, Introducing a New Era of Wellness


Lagos, Nigeria - 31 May, 2024 – Continuing its mission to pioneer groundbreaking wellness solutions, Life Solution Nigeria Ltd is thrilled to announce its official launch of Continual-G dietary supplements in Nigeria with an exclusive virtual event. Today, the Life Solution Nigeria unveils Continual-G with Glyteine®️inside, a revolutionary dietary supplement and the only clinically proven solution known to significantly enhance cellular glutathione levels after a single dose, marking a major advancement in combating oxidative stress. 

 The event which will be held virtually promises to be an enriching experience, headlined by Dr. Wallace Bridge, the passionate scientist behind Glyteine®️. Alongside his distinguished team, Dr. Bridge will delve into the science and potential of this supplement that is poised to redefine health and vitality for countless individuals. As oxidative stress contributes to the natural aging process and various health conditions, Glyteine®️'s unique ability to boost glutathione—the body's master antioxidant—offers a beacon of hope. It is an opportune moment for health enthusiasts, medical professionals, and anyone eager to enhance their wellbeing to join this pivotal occasion.

 "Today marks a significant milestone, not just for our company but for every individual seeking to take control of their health in a novel way," said Dr. Godspower Oshodin, Media Director, Continual-G Nigeria. "We are honored to introduce Continual-G with Glyteine to the Nigerian market and look forward to empowering our community with a product that epitomizes innovation, backed by science." 

 To celebrate this remarkable launch, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with experts, gain insights into the practical applications of Glyteine, receive exclusive offers, and contribute to shaping the future of health and wellness in Nigeria. Don't miss out on this transformative health event. Secure your spot by registering on our website 

 Join us in embracing the wellness revolution. Together, let's begin a journey to a healthier tomorrow.  

About Continual-G: 

Continual-G is the only supplement in the world with Gylteine inside and is committed to fostering wellness through scientific innovation. With extensive research and dedication to quality, Continual-G introduces Glyteine®️, a supplement designed to promote optimal health by targeting the root causes of oxidative stress. We're looking forward to connecting with you on this memorable day and embarking on a path to enhanced wellbeing.

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