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 These are a list of my frequently asked question bellow, submit your questions using the contact us button and it will be featured here. 

Without loss of time:
  •      Why does most of our post disappear?

Most of our post disappear over time due to either network failure on our external hosting site servers been down. However, they are back up in matter of days and minute it depends on the problem at the time.

  • 2.       Why most of our download do not actually work?

Most of our download does not work maybe due to browsers you are using the version of OS you are on we have noticed that downloads on our sites are encoded and are setup to work with modern browsers and at times are not recognized with older browsers or older OS’S.  If you notice any difficulties using our download features, please use the contact us option and send us a screenshot for our editors to work on it.

  • 3.       Do we do adverts on any type of business?

Yes, we do in fact ask websites and social media platforms to work with us to bring all legal business to light to make you profit and for our legality validated, we are pleased to work with any legal business.

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