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Froshboi Aux Session Sign Up.

Aux session is a Music/Tv show hosted and sponsored by Froshboi Incorporation. Artiste coming on the show will need to pay a fee of 25,000 Naira. Aux sessions are usually held in famous radio stations, Instagram live and twitter live audio chat. Aux session by Froshboi while not been necessary will be held on Facebook live. 

The following platform air aux sessions and will be needed for an artist recognition and fan base boosting.

Spotify Tv.

Apple Tv.

Froshboi Tv.

Soundcity Tv.

Hip Tv.

Tvc Entertainment.

Aux sessions hosted by Froshboi inc is not only about spending money, we believe that good artiste and talent must be rewarded. In line with this, artiste that perform excellently will be rewarded 30,000 naira and upwards with a free distribution to all platforms.

#Promotion not included.

 Requirements to jump on aux sessions.

There are only a few things required to jump on my aux sessions show they include:

1. Your natural vibe.

2. Required fee (20,000) Naira.

3. Presence (via internet or live).

To register click the link below.

Note you will be required to upload either a screenshot or a photograph of your proof of payment while filling the form.

Kindly pay the sum of 20k to:

Account Name: Froshboi Blogs.

Account Number: 7811119533

Bank Name: Wema Bank PLC.

                                                                   Click Here To Sign Up.

                                                               Note 20k fee needs to be paid.

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